About Nurflix


In February 2020, the Nurflix Initiative was established with a sheer hope that it can be a catalyst in providing content that emphasize on good moral values & ethics as an alternative for to the consumer market.

In the event of streaming/over-the-top platforms changing the way how entertainment media is consumed, Nurflix.TV hopes to provide it’s subscribers with a more family-friendly & palatable entertainment, safe & healthy messages especially to the younger generation.

Nurflix became a hub where scholars & media practitioners collaborate in producing content and this is not only applies to the finished products, but production practices as well. And although our guidelines adhere to Shariah compliance, we believe in bringing content that can appeal to people of all races.

Our mantra being a # SopanStream TV, ( sopan which means polite, courteous, decent, respectful & modest in Malay) encompasses the key values we wish to bring and we believe that, amidst such negative landscape of some of today’s media, this new brand of entertainment is high in demand if executed and presented well.

With over 14 million streaming users reported last year, Malaysia is growing to be a healthy market for OTT players & we see a huge opportunity for Nurflix.TV to cater to a market that demands for better, family-friendly & positive laced content.


We have an initial slate of Original Contents meant to be produced locally, beginning with 12 titles announced in July 2020 that went into production from August to October before production work was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Beta testing for our app still went as scheduled.

We have opened up our bandwidth to cast our net wider as there have been demands from other South East Asia markets, namely Singapore, Brunei & Indonesia and have established communications with potential partners in their respective markets.

On our platform, our content offering is as per below:

  • Nurflix Films & drama series
  • Nurversity – Educational catalog
  • Nurflix Jr – Kids Content
  • Nasyid Nation – Music Catalogue
  • NurCast – AOD & Podcast Radio
  • BookClub – For Readers & Video Book Reviews
  • Talk & Motivation

Under these catalogs, we have also initiated the development of Women’s Only Content. It is an ongoing project with the aim of building dedicated content produced by women for women. We believe that such developments will bring added value to our content slate in the future.


Nurflix began with producing original content mainly because we felt that we needed to refine the whole process of content making according to our guidelines which we call Nurpath.

With guided practices, we believe in creating content that is clear of purpose with good messages intact from the moment of its inception, execution & finished products.

Moving forward we are now looking outward to further increase our catalog through collaborations & acquisition of content from the creative industry worldwide that can align with the Nurflix brand & guideline.


Despite being a small start-up, our current capacity to scale-up is very dependant on our content offerings. While we are still progressing in terms of size & numbers, Nurflix consists of seasoned industry players with strong networks across the South East Asia markets which we believe to be advantageous for future expansion.

Thus, we believe with the right collaboration & strategic alliances, we can be of immense value to our potential partners to distribute their content. As of now, all of our contents are being translated into five different languages – (Arab, Indonesian, Mandarin, Tamil & English) and this will naturally expand once we open up our markets further in the future.

Our insights into local South East Asian markets would also be a key value for Nurflix in terms of media engagement & marketing.

Board of directors.

Dato’ Seri Syed Zainal Abidin


Syah Mohamed

Managing Director

Faizal Jamat

Director (Technology)

Farihin Abd. Fattah

Director (Creative)

Badrol Hisam Ahmad

Director (Production)

Ustaz Syed Abdul Kadir Aljoofre

Director (Syari’ah)

Board of advisors.

Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin Al Hamid


Prof. Dr. Asmadi Mohamed Naim

Business / Mu’amalat

Ustaz Zul Ramli Mohamed Razali

Content Development

Content Productions.

YM Ustaz Raja Ahmad Mukhlis


Ustazah Asni Mansur


Diana Amir

Youth & Kids

Hana Ismail


Aliff Ehsan Rahman


Fairul Hilmi



Amirul Ar-Rahman

General Manager

Izaiha Zainol

Corporate Relations

Hasni Zaki

IT Support



About Us

Nurflix will focus on producing 1,000 original Mainstream, Educational and Motivational series with approximately 12,000 episodes in the first 5 years. Notwithstanding, Nurflix will also acquire contents from local and international TV stations and productions that are in-line with Nurpath guidelines for its content library.

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